Custom Solutions and Capabilities

When a standard instrument or solution cannot meet your specifications, our engineers have the technical expertise and applications experience to work with you to develop a custom solution.  Jewell Instruments takes great satisfaction in providing customers with a broad range of custom application-specific solutions.  Our business model is based on “high-mix/low-volume” strategy and we have organized our engineering resources to support this strategy and our customers.

Custom solutions from Jewell Instruments

Our specialized Jewell Instruments engineering team provides the following:

  • Modifying or customizing an existing designed model series
  • A new part number configured from existing model series part and sub-assemblies
  • A new application-specific custom design requiring special features and specifications
  • Customized sensor for harsh environments
  • A first-time design solution requiring close interaction between Jewell’s design engineering team and customer’s engineering team
  • Design qualifications to industrial, military, and aerospace standards including FAA DO-160
  • Sensors designed to meet EMC requirements including lightning
  • A customer proprietary sensors solution requiring non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between Jewell Instruments and our customer


  • 4-20mA Output signal with single-ended 24 Vac Input
  • Internal temperature sensor and thermal modeling for the highest levels of accuracy over a wide temperature range
  • Factory set zero biasing for non-horizontal measurements
  • Solder terminals and flying leads in place of circular connector
  • Custom inclinometer input ranges from +/-0.5 to +/-90.0 degrees available
  • Custom accelerometer input ranges from +/- 0.017g to +/- 20.000g available
  • Custom output impedance available
  • Custom filtering to provide a bandwidth and response tailored to the application
  • Custom mounting plates and mechanical assemblies

Contact Jewell Instruments today to see how we can help streamline your project and improve performance.

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