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Industrial Sensors from Jewell Instruments

Accelerometer and inclinometer selection is often more complicated than selecting accuracy, frequency and packaging requirements. Through more than 35 years of experience in tilt sensing, Jewell Instruments has gained the applications knowledge to understand your requirements. Our engineers specialize helping you make application specific selections. More importantly, as the industry’s leading custom solutions provider, Jewell Instruments engineers can quickly design to your unique requirements.

Our JEWELL brand sensors are acclaimed for quality and reliability: standard features built into your custom solution. JEWELL brand custom products consistently solve your tilt and acceleration sensing problems that off-the-shelf inclinometers/accelerometers can’t solve.

Our precision, rugged, high accuracy sensors offer features such as:

  • +/–1.0° to +/–90.0° and +/–0.01G to +/– 10G, full range
  • <0.02% nonlinearity
  • high level +/–5 volt output
  • less than 0.0001 volt noise and less than 0.01% repeatability and hysteresis
  • micro radian resolution and DC response

Jewell Instruments makes it easy. We offer the best overall value in the industry. For many aerospace and industrial applications, our sensors are the perfect solution and our applications engineers will not be satisfied until your requirements are met. Contact us today for expert assistance in selecting or designing a solution that will meet all your needs.

Accelerometers typically sense changes in velocity and characterize output in G. Inclinometers sense change in angular position and the output is proportional to the sine of the tilt angle.

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