Pointer Mechanisms

Jewell Instruments manufactures and markets a broad range of JEWELL brand pointer mechanisms ensuring that we will meet your specifications. We have a variety of designs available. Below is a selection of our most popular pointer mechanisms. We have engineered these models to meet or exceed a variety of application specific needs.

 Avionics, Pointer Mechanisms
Model 201

JEWELL Model 201 — The Original

The Original and first self-shielding eccentrically pivoted mechanism for aircraft applications. High torque, heavy eddy-current damping, and low relative inertia provide exellent performance characteristics especially where influences of vibration and changes of pointer indications are significant factors. Custom pointers available upon request.

Download Model 201 Drawing

Model 208

JEWELL Model 208 — Hi-Torque

Hi-Torque meets the demands of severe environmental requirements. Easily operates long and heavy pointers. Custom pointers available upon request.

Download Model 208 Drawing

Model 221

JEWELL Model 221 — Space Saver

Has similar features as the 208 with the addition of size and versatility.It utilizes a single magnet circuit and two independent coils to provide two display functions from the same mechanisn. Insolated solder terminals. Custom pointers available upon request.

Download Model 221 Drawing

Model 223

JEWELL Model 223 — Hi-Torque II

Hi-Torque II has similar features as the 201. Increased magnetic field strength and the available space for wire turns on the moving coil provide a torque increase of approximately 46% that enables the mechanism to handle strut lengths of about five inches. Custom pointers available upon request..

Download Model 223 Drawing

 Model 223

JEWELL Model 9070/9071 — High Reliability

Operates long and heavy pointers. DC self-shielding machine core-magnet construction ensures high torque up to 60 degrees of deflection. The 9071 meets the unique requirements of suppressed movement applications. Custom pointers available upon request.

Download Model 9071 Drawing