Geophysical/Tech Tilt Sensors

Jewell Instruments divides its Geophysical/Tech tiltmeters into six different series based on model numbers. Some of the resolutions are reported in microradians or even nanoradians, reflecting the extremely high sensitivity of some of these instruments.

Electrolytic Tiltmeters


All Jewell Instruments Geophysical/Tech tiltmeters and clinometers include full signal conditioning electronics that produce stable output signals over a wide range of input voltages. This important feature means you can be confident that your measurements represent actual movement, not power supply variations. The high-level voltage, current and serial outputs provided by our electronics are reliably delivered over long cables and wireless data links.

900 Series Clinometers




  • 900 Series Biaxial Clinometers
    • Resolution to 0.004 degree
    • Angular range to ±50°
    • Applications include OEM, marine, geotechnical/structural, general test & measurement




800 Series Tiltmeters




  • 800 Series Engineering Tiltmeters
    • Resolution to 1 microradian
    • Angular range to ±75°
    • Applications include geotechnical/structural, marine, precision test & measurement, platform leveling






  • 750 Black Diamond Tiltmeter Series
    • Resolution to 1 microradian
    • Angular range to ±90°
    • Applications include bridge sag and sway, deflection measurement, platform leveling and structural analysis

700 Series Tiltmeters




  • 700 Series High-Precision Tiltmeters
    • Resolution to 0.1 microradian
    • Angular range to ±75°
    • Applications include precision test & measurement, volcanology, high-energy physics, astronomy, aerospace, platform leveling







  • 500 Series Borehole Tiltmeter for Advance Research
      • Resolution to 5 nanoradians
      • Angular range of ±10 degrees (adjustment range)
      • Applications include volcanic and tectonic research, hydraulic fracture mapping, micro-deformation monitoring, deep ocean geophysics


Miniature Tilt Sensors & Signal Conditioners




Dynamic Concrete and Dynamic Asphalt Strain Gages measure axial strain under high frequency (dynamic) conditions. Using four active elements of a Wheatstone bridge circuit, these gages compensate for temperature, rejects bending strain and compensates for lead resistance. Concrete Strain Gage | Asphalt Strain Gage

Pavement Sensors